Character- Nicci

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy

First comic book appearance: 
The Return of Gaia Force #5

Other appearances:
Gaia Force #6

Other pictures:


Nicci with her sword

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Nicci/Deniah
A.K.A.: The Golden Tokanar, Slayer of the Empire, Gatari Tan, Gatari Tan'To

Hair: Gold
Eyes: Gold
 5 foot 9 inches
 Around 380
Occupation: Pirate, smuggler

Base of operations: Formerly The Citadel, Moon. Today, E'lah trade routes.
Classification: Guardian

Ethical alliance: Good for the most part, though regarded as a criminal by many.


Nicci is the most enigmatic member of Gaia Force, although calling her a member is not entirely correct, as she never really was one. She was created in the same manner, but with a very different purpose.

What little is known is that she arrived at the Citadel some time after Avatar Prime. He has stated that Nicci was serving a sentence for betraying the Guardian at some point in the past, but Nicci has no recollection of this betrayal and has no memories of her past life. Her sentence is to serve at the Citadel.

Unable to do anything about her situation, Nicci spent much of her time training with Renshi in the hopes that, one day, she may become of some use to the guardians or eventually escape her prison.

Her opportunity arose when the UEF Armstrong made an unscheduled emergency stop at the Citadel. Before the Armstrong had a chance to leave, Nicci snuck on board. Free of her prison, Nicci offered to become a part of the Armstrong's crew.

When the Armstrong's crew became stranded on the jurassic-like world of Pal'lasha, Nicci had the opportunity to help and discovered that she had more power than she had previously believed. With this new knowledge, Nicci saw a way to give her life purpose and when the Armstrong was attacked by the Gatari, Nicci actively participated in its defence. After the battle, she made friends and gained the respect of those on board.

The Armstrong's return to Earth did not go unnoticed by Gaia Force, and Nicci was ordered to return to the Citadel. Captain Erikson confronted Silverlance and Avatar Prime and fought for Nicci's release while, at the same time, granting her asylum aboard his ship. After consideration, Avatar Prime released her from confinement to the Citadel.

His reasons for doing this were unclear at the time, and Nicci had wondered whether it was a permanent liberation, since she was still suffering from her blackouts. As it turned out, Nicci would need to wait another 50 years until Avatar Prime released her for good. Doing so also unbound her power.

In the intervening years, Nicci served aboard the Armstrong and helped Earth against the Gatari threat. While on duty, she befriended Koralia, a young female Gatari-in-training. Nicci took her under her wing and helped her overthrow the Gatari Emperor. With Koralia now in control of the Empire, Nicci was given a home amongst them. She was declared an honorary Gatari and given the title of Gatari Tan (female warrior). She has lived amongst the Gatari for the last 370 years and has adopted their way of life.

Nicci eventually set out on her own, making a living as a smuggler and pirate. She is commander of a squad of ships, the Golden Crest being her flagship. Her ships are manned entirely by Nahthas, the official citizens of the Gatari Empire. The only Gatari in her crew is Gornak, her second in command, who captains the Golden Crest.

Nicci was eventually given the title of Gatari Tan'To (Great female warrior), as well as command of the Gatari Imperial Army.


Energy blast: Nicci can discharge powerful fusion energy blasts vocally.

Super Strength: Her peak physical strength enables her to lift around 25 tons, but it is greatly reduced when she removes her golden exterior, somewhere in the 3 to 5 ton range

Invulnerability: She has an impervious golden outer skin that gives her a high resistance to physical attacks, all forms of energy and enables her to survive in the vacuum of space. 

Radiation immunity: Her golden exterior protects her from all forms of radiation.

Extended lifespan: Her golden exterior stops the aging process.

Enhanced vision: Like all members of Gaia Force, she can see in various modes and can stare directly at the sun.

Self-sustaining: She does not need to eat or drink, but can enjoy the experience, nonetheless. Nicci enjoys alcoholic beverages, bourbon being her favourite Earth drink, and sea wine, her Gatari drink of choice.

Space travel: She can survive in the vacuum of space and achieve interplanetary travel. Her speed however is somewhat slower than that of the average member of Gaia Force. Hers maxing out at 0.1 light speed, while they can attain 0.5 of light speed.

Omnilinguilism: Like all members of Gaia Force, she can communicate with any intelligent life form through guardian speech, an ability that emits vocal messages on multiple frequencies, including the psionic.

Flight: Nicci was seen running effortlessly on the surface of the moon with no effects from its low gravity, and had been seen "falling" to the surface of a ship in the vacuum of space. She had believed the cause to have been some form of unconscious psionic ability. It actually turned out that it was a side effect of her repressed flying ability.

Martial arts: During her stay at the Citadel, she was trained by Renshi in hand-to-hand combat. She is also very skilled with a blade.

Weaknesses: Nicci used to suffer from frequent black-outs, but ever since Avatar Prime freed her, there have been no new incidents.

At some point in the future, Nicci will gain her total independence and will be able to absorb her golden exterior. Once absorbed, the golden material settles over her skeletal structure, rendering her bones unbreakable. Her skin and muscles, however, become vulnerable and can be damaged.

Appearance: Nicci's golden exterior covers her entire body. Since it hides all sexual definitions, Nicci has never felt the need to wear clothing.  She started doing so when she became a member of the UEF Armstrong and has continued the practice to this day.

Paraphernalia: Nicci carries a small dagger on her wrist. It can transform into a 6-foot sword. The sword is engraved with six runes, identical to the ones Renshi has unlocked in is spiritual learnings. In Renshi's case, these runes can be invoked to increase his power, but the ones on Nicci's sword seem to be simply decorative.

The dagger/sword was forged by Renshi and is coated with cells collected from Nicci's own body. These cells are drawn to Nicci causing the dagger to bond to her skin. The sword's golden coating also makes it extremely durable and sharp. It managed to cut Caregiver's skin, and pierce Q'Aestor's chest. 

The sword is also very heavy, at full length around 1000 lbs. When it is in dagger form, anyone could pick it up, but as it expands, it accumulates mass on a logarithmic scale. 
It took three men to bring it aboard the UEF Armstrong.


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