Character- Night Storm
Night Storm

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy 

First Comic book appearance:
The Return of Gaia Force #4

Other appearances:
A Tale of...#1 (Cameo)

Other picture: Night Storm

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Erika Somers
Hair: Red
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Age: 28 
in 2012
Nationality: Irish
Occupation: Former physicist, Goddess
Base of operations: The Citadel, Moon/Eta Carinae system
Classification: Guardian

Ethical alliance: Good


Erika literally died in a fire, but was reanimated by the Guardian. He gave her power over her fear of fire by assigning her to sector one, the sector closest to the sun. She has become the storm that comes from the everlasting night.

Erika grew up in a loving family, but never had any siblings or relatives other than her parents, both claiming to be orphans. With no one else in her life, Erika gave all her love to her parents, but she has recently learned that they had a secret which Arkahnus believes would change her views towards them.

Later, when she became a member of Gaia Force, Night Storm formed a strong friendship with her co-member Hartree. Although the relationship between the two had been that of sisters, Night Storm has hinted that, to her, it may have meant more. She did, however, have a long-lasting relationship with Bengal, a member of Wild Force.

Some 300 years later, Gaia deemed that Gaia Force had fulfilled its duty towards her and the team disbanded. Night Storm headed out to the Eta Carinae system, where she discovered Exilium, a world threatened with destruction. The binary star system's gravity was causing havoc within the nebula, and the sparsely populated world was constantly at risk of being obliterated by comets and meteors.

Night Storm became the protector of that world and is revered as a goddess by the inhabitants.


Energy blast:  Night Storm u
ses energy blast and concussive blasts. Her ultimate attack is a combination of energy and concussive blasts that result in her Sunburst. It is essentially a coronal mass ejection that releases huge quantities of matter and electromagnetic radiation. Night Storm’s colour fades to black (much like a sunspot) before she unleashes her burst. She draws her power from her system's star, and because the Eta Carinae system houses two blue stars, her current power is now overwhelming.

Night Storm's preferred means of attack are plasma bolts. 

Intangibility: She can turn her body into neutrinos and pass through anything. While in her intangible (neutrino) form, Night Storm was able to unleash a plasma trail. Its potency, however, was greatly diminished. She cannot perform her Sunburst while intangible.

Energy and physical resistance: Has high resistance to physical and energy attacks. Night Storm can tolerate the heat of the sun's corona and believes she could stand even more.

Radiation immunity: She is immune to all forms of radiation. 

Omnilinguilism: Like all members of Gaia Force, she can communicate with any intelligent life form through guardian speech, an ability that emits vocal messages on multiple frequencies, including the psionic.

Super strength: 100+ tons of lift.

Extended lifespan: 
Like all members of Gaia Force, she possesses long life, however, she did die twice. The first was as when the Guardian found her. The second time, she sacrificed herself to save Gaia. The Guardian revived her a second time.

Enhanced vision: Like all members of Gaia Force, can see in various modes and can stare directly at the sun. 

Self-sustaining: Her body is nourished by starlight, thus eliminating her need to eat. She can, however, enjoy the experience if she wishes.

Space travel: Can fly and travel interplanetary distances.

Weaknesses: Needs time to recharge after using Sunburst attack, but the time is reduced the closer she is to the sun.

Limitations: At present, Night Storm has only been able to perform no more than two consecutive Sunbursts. 

Psionic inhibitors have been shown to disrupt her ability to turn intangible.

Her co-member, Hartree, also mentioned that her flight mode, did not produce a push behind her, thus not enabling her to push large objects by flying behind them. However, pulling them is possible.

Paraphernalia: Her retractable cape focuses her Sunburst energies forward. Without the cape, her sunburst is released in a 360 degrees blast.

Her mantra: 
I am the storm that comes from the everlasting night.
I am the power that breathes life and death.
It burns and roars inside me.
Witness its glory. Feel its wrath!


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