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Type: Extra-terrestrial

Place of Origin: The planet called Nibiru, which is a multi-universe planet. It shares its space with the alternate Universe A9987. When it appears in ours, it finds itself between Mars and Jupiter. 

The Anunnaki have been known to do experiments on Humans in order to find ways to control the power of the Human soul. From their experiments, the E'lah were created. To this day, the E'lah still think of the Anunnaki as gods.

The Anunnaki were also the instigator of the Gatari/Human war, by forcing the two species to meet, knowing it would lead to violence and then war.
Abilities: They can transmute matter to energy and vice versa. They are a highly intelligent race of beings. Their bodies are not made of flesh, since they have evolved beyond the physical. Their skin is an energy envelope which houses their living soul. In this form, they can stay long periods in the total vacuum of space. They can stay hidden from sight by entering endospace, a sub-layer of space.

They have developed advanced technology and weapons, but have given them up. Furthermore, they have developed mental capabilities with which they can probe minds. They can channel their soul's energy.

Particular Physical Characteristics: Their average size is four meters (12 ft)

Sexuality: Undisclosed 

Known Anunnaki: Anakos

Most notorious enemy: Qalmeri. The Qalmeri can drain the energy envelope of the Anunnaki, thus releasing their soul. 

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy 

First visual appearance: Scheduled for Gaia Force #8


Type: Extra-terrestrial

Place of origin: BahNadar Em (Home of the Chosen)

The BahNu, whose name translate as The Chosen are a race of conquerors and enslavers. They have a large empire known as the BahNu Consortium.
Abilities: Advanced technology and weapons. Highly intelligent as they have the ability to enslave whole worlds.
Particular characteristics: Smaller but physically stronger than Humans and prone to the same types of injuries. Unlike Humans who use their fists for fighting, the BahNu primarily use their tail. They also possess pectoral tusks, which are commonly used in mating battles.

Sexuality: BahNu are a two sexed species, males and females. BahNu females have hollow vestigial tusks on their chests. These become soft during gestation and used to feed their infants. They are viviparous, giving birth to fully formed young.

First visual appearance: The Return of Gaia Force #2


                                                                                    Malekia City

Type: Extra-terrestrial

Place of origin: Planet Malekia
Malekians are an extinct race. Their species was slaughtered by Kalah, the soul of their world. When the Guardian healed and reinvigorated Kalah, she took it upon herself to destroy those who had harmed her. Only a handful of Malekians survived. 

Q'Aestor did manage to place a thousand of them in suspended animation, but these are moments away from death and there seems to be no cure for their affliction.

Abilities: Aside from the members of the Guard's Sword, Malekians have no particular abilities. 

Particular Physical Characteristics: They have an external vertebra behind their neck and flagella-like appendages that hang like hair. Only Q'Aestor can control his.  Malekians also have winglets instead of eyebrows. These flutter to cool down their body. Malekians also have clawed feet.

Despite these major differences, Malekians seem to share certain characteristics with Humans. The Gaia Force member known as Soleil was able to influence Q'Aestor's physical condition with her chakras.

Sexuality: Malekians are a two sexed species, males and females. It is rumoured that males may have more than one sexual appendage. Malekians are physically compatible with Humans, but conceiving a child is unlikely. 
They are marsupials, giving birth to premature young who migrate to a pouch in the female's abdomen, where they continue their development.

Known Malekians: Q'Aestor, Shyda, Benora, Hangor, Majur, Tandel, Wavon
First appearance: The Return of Gaia Force #1


Type: Extra-terrestrial

Place of origin: Neosa in the Ayama system

Neosians are a peace loving race who were once been enslaved by the BahNu. The BahNu occupation lasted for 500 years.
Abilities: Aside from the Children of the Guardian, Neosians have no particular abilities, although gliding is a normal form of transportation on their world. They are a peace loving people who have embraced art. 

Particular Physical Characteristics: They have triangular-shaped skulls and bat-like membranes under their arms. Their average size is three+meters (10+ ft).
Note: In the novel their size is around 18 ft but had to be reduced for the comic book.

Sexuality: Neosians are a two sexed species, males and females. Silverlance has proven that they can physically mate with Humans, however, to do so, one must find a way to alter their size. Silverlance can do so by modifying his silver exterior.  Conceiving a child, however, is not possible as they are oviparous (egg layers). 

Known Neosian: RubikhonGeomassFarutCollapsarRayband and Flare 

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy 

First visual appearance: The Return of Gaia Force #1


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