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Type: Extra-terrestrial

Place of Origin: The planet Athela was where they evolved, but the Athelans eventually migrated to various worlds in their system.

The Athelans live in the Kavini System, a system that is heading out of the galaxy. A long time ago, their star passed too close to a black hole and was ejected towards the outer arm. By the time the Athelans evolved, their star had travelled hundreds of light years away from its closest star. This would eventually prove to be the downfall of the Athelans, because even if they eventually became a Type II civilization, they never achieved interstellar travel. Their closest star was far too remote to attempt the feat.

When the Guardian showed up in their system, Avatar Prime went to warn the Athelans that the Guardian was going to destroy the Dyson ring they had built around their star, as well as the artificial star they had created which allowed them to survive on the most distant world of their system. The reason for these actions was that the technology was killing one of the sentient worlds in that system. Destroying the devices would restore harmony in the system, unfortunately, the Athelan civilization would crumble in the process.

Only a few hundred-thousand individuals managed to escape before their world turned to ice. 
Abilities: Athelans are very smart and have achieved a type II civilization.

Sexuality: Athelans are a two-sexed species, males and females. Although they are amphibious, they give birth to live young.

First appearance: A Tale of...#1

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