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Prolar is the third planet of the Shifu system. Its Northern Hemisphere tilts away from its star and has moderate yearly temperatures of 90 degrees F (32 Celsius). The Southern Hemisphere is too hot for human settlement. This planet is colonized by Humans for residential and agricultural use.

Location: Shifu System 
Home of: Humans


The world known as Obsidia is a world almost totally covered in magma. The humanoid species that lives there (Obsidians) has developed a very strong outer shell, enabling them to survive the intense heat of their world. 

Home of: Obsidians
Location: E'lah Dominion
Known Obsidians: 



Shandor is the seventh planet of the Etsuna system. 

Home of: Shandorans
Location: E'lah Dominion

Known Shandorans: Challenger

Valamor Ceti 

Valamor Ceti is the only terrestrial planet orbiting the star Gamma Ceti. Valamorans are recognized throughout the E'lah Dominion as being an excellent work force. Their bodies made for living in a 2G world gives them a physical advantage when working in normal 1G environment.

Distance from Earth: 80ly
Home of: Valamorans
Location: E'lah Dominion (Cetus constellation)
Known Valamorans: 

Sentient Worlds

Sentient worlds are planets possessing souls. It is unclear how many worlds belong to this category, but according to the Guardian, there are a multitude of them. How these worlds come to be has not been revealed, but it is speculated that sentience arises when a world meets certain requirements in terms of chemical composition and temperature. In essence, planetary sentience is the first form of life. Once the world has attained sentience, it is considered alive.

A world may continue without change for the rest of its existence, but many of them spring forth new life that will populate its surface. Whether all life giving worlds possess sentience, however, is not certain. The planet Neosa, for instance, seem to fit the definition of what a sentient world should be, as it was sought out and healed by the Guardian. The world had been in pain, so presumably, it had a soul, however, the Neosians never did mention their world having a soul. They've always treated it as though it had, but there has been no confirmation from them, or from the Guardian. It is entirely possible that some life may simply develop on its own. If this is the case, it would mean that the Guardian seeks worlds through means other than simply the cries of worlds. In Neosa's case, it may have been that the cries of its people. Neosians live in harmony with their world, perhaps they have become their world's soul.

Known sentient worlds: anomaly  
Earth  ,

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