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Anakos: Head of the Anunnaki Sancta.

Be’K tohh pah':
Gatari insult meaning "piece of shit/dung".

Betna'Tu City: City on Aman'terot where the Pan Stellar tournament are fought.

Citadel: The Citadel is a former E'lah city, originally located on the dark side of the moon. After the E'lah were banished from the Solar system, Gaia Force took possession of the city and renamed it, the Citadel. In recent years, Arkanhus teleported the whole city to the light side of the moon, giving it a view of Earth. A few thousand humans now live there.

Endospace: A sub-layer of space hidden from most people. It is accessible by a few, most notably the Anunnaki, who use it to spy on others. It is also connected to Farpoint's powers as well as Meridian's.

Flaps: Gatari and nahthas' sexual organs.

Food chain: Gatari slaughterhouse.

Futs: A derogatory term used to describe Berandi. Means "Chicks with dicks".

Galactic Battleground: Similar to the Pan Stellar, the Galactic Battleground was created by Guardian Sentry 101 to test beings from across the galaxy. Unlike the Pan Stellar, which limits battles to strength alone, the Galactic Battleground allows all types of abilities to be used.

Gatari: Warrior.

Gatari Nak: Male Gatari, Male warrior.

Gatari Nak'To: Great male warrior. Title bestowed to the Gatari Emperor.

Gatari Pah': Gatari in training, shitty warrior.

Gatari Tan: Female Gatari, female warrior.

Gatari Tan'To: Great female warrior. It is the official title for a Gatari Empress, but Koralia decided to keep the traditional male title. She then bestowed the title to Nicci when she gave her command of the Imperial Army.

Golden Crest: Nicci's ship.

Golden Tokanar: Title bestowed to Nicci. Means Golden Sword.

Grand Maester: Head of the Gamblers' Guild.

Guardian Speech: A form of communication that allows an individual to communicate with all intelligent creatures. The speech is transmitted via multiple frequencies, including the psionic. 

Jakka:Jakka is an organic substance created by an insectoid species, which the Gatari have named ja(k) sulli (makers of jakka). The ja(k) sulli dwell on one of Rigel's largest asteroid. The jakka the insectoids create renders their asteroid livable, as jakka possesses two valuable properties; it creates oxygen and acts as a barrier to the vacuum of space. When jakka is applied to the skin, it spreads over the body and shields it from the vacuum of space. It also produces oxygen, which the wearer can breathe. Jakka is only effective in the near vacuum. Once it is exposed to an atmosphere, it slowly loses its efficiency and eventually dies off. Jakka cannot be used more than once.

Khon: Neosian weapon, usually a bladed spear.

Lord Suzerain: Head of the E'lah Dominion, currently held by Se'lah.

Mamm: Term used by Gatari to describe mammals. Mamms are considered food fit for females and the weak, because of their softness.

Nahtha: Gatari species real name. Slave in old empire. Koralia's original name, chosen by herself.

Pah': Shit, dung, excrement.

Pan Stellar Tournament: Fighting tournament pitting beings from across the galaxy.

Rogues' Café: Club owned by Roguestar and Meridian.

Slayer of the Empire: Title bestowed to Nicci.

Tokanar (To'k'nar): Gatari main weapon.

Tokor (To'k'or): Carving knife.




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