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The Unconventionals comic takes place in this universe


The following characters DO exist, but are DIFFERENT from those of the Prime Universe.

She is still a demon slayer, but her strength and power are diminished.

Mantis has the same skills, but her heart injury is still present, which makes accessing her Chi more difficult.

Renshi has not been gifted by the Guardian, but he is a skilled Martial Arts and spiritual teacher.

Soleil is a Randomite and so, her abilities remain but her spiritual stones were never enhanced by Gaia's light. The power of her chakras is greatly diminished, and she cannot travel via her rainbows.

Vipera is still an unfortunate slave in the circus. She does not have green skin but coloring it green is part of her act.

White monk is unchanged. His journey to achieve Buddahood brought him to his full potential. The only difference is that he never became a member of Shadow Force.

White Reaper 
Wraith may not exist, but the White Reaper does. He continues to hunt vampires with his arsenal of holy water and holy relics. White Reaper has no supernatural abilities.


Although the character Caregiver does not exist in this realm, she is still Gaia's eyes and ears. The only difference is that her awareness of her role has not been awakened. 

Before she became Yokai, Hanako was a Shrine Maiden and still continues to be one. Her skills are greatly diminished, but she is still capable of dealing with certain nether threats.


Jihad is a normal kunoichi (female ninja). She does not have her pendant and so cannot summon her black stallion.

In this universe, Gaia Force and its affiliates only exist as fictional characters.


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