Sumo-Juggernaut and Mantis 

Sumo-Juggernaut's relationship with Mantis started by being quite one-sided. Mantis was too busy with her dual life (being a member of Prime Force and her life in private security and part-time vigilante) to find the time for romance. It was only after Sumo-Juggernaut learned of her nighttime activities and joined her that she began reciprocating his feelings. 

Black Sting and Vipera

Black Sting and Vipera became close friends soon after Vipera joined Prime Force. Although Vipera had become a formidable member of the team, her past experiences still gave her reservations with respect to men. She preferred spending time with the female members of the team, but particularly with Black Sting. The two even shared an apartment and their relationship flourished after that.

Renshi and Soleil

In the Prime Universe, Renshi and Soleil's relationship started a few years after Soleil moved to the Citadel, circa 2312 A.D. (300 A.G.). In the A1 Universe, it started many years before, circa 2012 A.D.

Farpoint and Meridian

Meridian always had a soft spot for Farpoint, but it took some time for her to actually admit her feelings for him. At first, Farpoint had been in a relationship with a crew member of the UEF Armstrong, Amanda Whitfield, but when she betrayed Earth and Gaia Force, that relationship ended. It was only then that Meridian and he became more than friends. Their relationship was on and off throughout the years but eventually ended when Meridian, Farpoint and Roguestar moved to the Shifu System.

She and Roguestar opened the Rogues' Café, and it was an immediate hit. The problem, however, was that Meridian could not control the effect her pheromones had on normal Humans, and Farpoint became very jealous of the attention she was receiving from men. The two bickered constantly until Farpoint called it quits and left entirely. 

Q'Aestor and Shyda

Q'Aestor and Shyda were married for ten years, but when Malekia was destroyed, Q'Aestor decided that he needed more power to have his revenge. He killed the members of the Guard's Sword and took their powers, including his wife's.

Silverlance and Rubikhon

Silverlance first met Rubikhon when he became lost in space. Fortunately for him, he found himself in the Neosian System and was welcomed by the Children of the Guardian. As he searched for a way back home, he fell in love with the Neosian people and over the years, he returned to Neosa many times. During his frequent visits, his relationship with Rubikhon began and the two fell in love. When Gaia Force disbanded, Silverlance moved to Neosa permanently and married her.

Avatar Prime and Anomaly

It was after his battle with Q'Aestor that Avatar Prime found himself in the singularity where Anomaly's soul resided. The first time he was there, he had not noticed her, being in a weakened state, but when years later he exiled himself in that same singularity, he became aware of her presence.

In the unrelenting darkness of the singularity, he befriended the presence within it. The anomaly within was the remnant of a planet's soul trapped for eternity, but it wished to return to the world where the stars shined. In time, Avatar Prime was reclaimed by the Guardian as well as Anomaly. She was given form and new purpose as Avatar Prime's companion.

Roguestar and Hartree

Their relationship started in the early days of Gaia Force. Roguestar became enamoured with Hartree and in time, she began to feel the same for him. Their relationship lasted almost 300 years, but when Gaia Force disbanded, Hartree decided to return to Earth while Roguestar left for the Shifu System.

Night Storm and Bengal

Night Storm's relationship with Bengal started two years after the creation of Gaia Force. It was during the yearly conference between Gaia Force and its affiliates (Shadow Force, Prime Force and Wild Force) that Night Storm noticed Bengal's interest in her. The two hit it off and had an on/off relationship for years.

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